WaterCAN testing kit

WaterCAN testing kit

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Introducing WaterCAN's versatile water testing kit, perfect for anyone looking to test the quality of water from taps, rivers or dams. This kit is ideal for homeowners, outdoor enthusiasts, and professionals in the water industry who need to ensure the safety and purity of their water sources. The easy-to-follow instructions make it simple to use, even for those who have never performed a water test before. 


In this kit you will find:


2 x Petrifilm - to test for the presence of E.coli

2 x Aqua screen – to test for coliform which indicates animal, human and plant waste. 

1 x Syringe

2 x Foil sachet

2 x 6 in 1 Chemical strip - that measures pH, alkalinity, hardness, chlorine

2 x Nitrate and nitrite strip

1 x Chemical strip key card - to view your results

1 x Instructional leaflet