Terms and Conditions

  1. As a supporter, I show solidarity with OUTA’s vision and mission to act on my behalf – and that of the South African society as a whole – as a collective action vehicle to tackle and challenge cases of maladministration and corruption, largely within state-owned entities and the public service at all levels of Government.
  2. I acknowledge that OUTA’s efforts and actions will be left entirely to the decision-making processes of its management, executive and / or board and that on occasion their activities may involve funding legal protection and defence programs aimed at defending its supporters or the public at large on specific matters of decision to seek outcomes or a result in favour of society.
  3. I am aware that OUTA is entirely depended on funding from its supporters.
  4.  I understand that I am not guaranteed support as this is only possible for as long as OUTA has the capacity and funds to do so.
  5. I am aware OUTA is a non-profit organisation and I can at any time, cancel my monthly debit order or other funding method selected by me.
  6. That as a voluntary contributing supporter to OUTA, I do not and cannot expect any direct services or benefit from OUTA.  
  7.  I acknowledge that OUTA cannot and does not guarantee the outcome of any legal matter.
  8. I acknowledge that OUTA cannot be held liable for any damages suffered as a result of gross neglect or wilful behaviour of any it’s instructed legal representatives.
  9.  I acknowledge that OUTA is a non-profit organisation which, amongst its broad range of activities to defend society against the abuse of tax-payers’ revenues, facilitates the appointment and funding of legal representatives for e-Toll- and e-toll related matters (OUTA’s E-Toll Defence Umbrella):
  10. OUTA’s E-Toll Defence Umbrella is limited to its ability to manage the volume of summonses and cases that relates to the non-payment of Gauteng Freeway e-tolls.
  11. I understand that legal representation will only be facilitated and appointed once all the documents required have been received by OUTA’s appointed representative.
  12. OUTA’s will retract the E-Toll Defence Umbrella in the event that information is received indicating my involvement in any fraudulent activity regarding my e-toll account.